Financial Hardship?

You May Need Advice from a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Are you dealing with harassing creditor calls, fear of foreclosure, piles of medical bills, threats of lawsuits, garnishment of wages, unpaid taxes, repossession of a vehicle and more? This type of financial anxiety causes mental and emotional strain on you and your family, so it’s important to get answers and solutions from a bankruptcy lawyer quickly. Bankruptcy lawyers at Curtis, Casteel & Palmer, PLLC can provide answers, explaining your options for debt relief which could include debt settlement, Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. We can help you find the path out of financial crisis.

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Bankruptcy Lawyer - Financial Hardship

Stressed From Too Much Debt?

Looking for Relief?

As life happens, debt often happens, too. In an era of easy credit and rising costs, many smart, responsible, well-intentioned people can unexpectedly find themselves in financial trouble. No one plans for a financial crisis or losing their home to foreclosure, but with unexpected medical bills, job loss, divorce and/or credit card bills, good people often find themselves in an unmanageable debt spiral and considering filing bankruptcy. What is Chapter 7? Chapter 11? Chapter 13? How do you determine if bankruptcy is the right course for you, and if so, which type is appropriate for your situation?

I’m so incredibly grateful for Steven and Nadine! Very thorough, communicative, and helped me navigate through bankruptcy with ease. He never once made me feel ashamed of my financial situation–helped me implement sustainable tools to ensure I’m not so stretched thin moving forward. I have a renewed sense of hope for my own financial wellness/goals. Thank you!

Aja R.

Steve Palmer did an excellent job handling my filing. He provided detailed guidance on the process and was always available for questions or concerns. I will definitely use him and this law firm for other matters in the future.


After a terrible experience with another attorney who stonewalled us for 2 years after accepting payment and doing nothing for us, we contacted Steven to assist us in a real estate matter. He promptly took our case, kept us informed throughout, and within a matter of months satisfactorily resolved the case in our favor. He saved us tens of thousands of dollars and we are grateful we contacted him for help!

Chantelle G.

I highly and enthusiastically recommend Steven Palmer. When trying to sell our house, two parties were claiming large amounts of money that would have prevented our ability to move into a new house. Under a very tight timeline, Steven really saved the day! He was able to get the matter resolved with our pay out at a fraction of the original claims so that we could move forward. I am simply amazed at the job he did and the speed at which he was able to do so!

Garin P.

Steven Palmer is awesome! He is very through with the consult and legal process. Under promises and over delivers. He even helped me out with needed paperwork several months after he worked my case promptly. Very professional and offers reasonable legal fees. You won’t regret hiring him as your next attorney.

Elfaaz A.

Steven and his assistant Nadine made a very stressful situation easy and seamless. Steven always made time to promptly answer many questions and concerns and was honest and up front about all things I should expect and be aware of. I’m very thankful for his time and services.


Steven Palmer was amazing with our case! Very communicative, compassionate, responsive, and thorough. Could not have asked for a better attorney to guide us through this challenging process. Thank you for everything!

Mariah D.

Steve Palmer is the best bankruptcy lawyer. I had a complicated situation, and he was able to help me with filing chapter 7 instead of chapter 13. He gives great advice, and he has great knowledge. He returns phone calls in a short time, and he really cares about his clients. I would give him 6 stars if I could. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs to file for bankruptcy. Thank you, Steve!

Monica R.

My husband and I was overwhelmed by business and personal debts. I choosed Steven to get help. Steven Palmer is professional, responsive and supportive listener. We had a wonderful experience beginning to end. Thanks to Steven Palmer and his team. Highly recommended.

Sara S.

Steve Palmer, is one of the most responsive, professional and honest attorneys I have had the pleasure of working with. Communication throughout the whole process was phenomenal, he accomplished the goal we set out to attain. Highly recommended!

Victor L.

Questions to Ask a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Every person or company dealing with financial crisis needs a personalized plan to move forward. If you have a debt crisis and think bankruptcy might be an option for you, here are some important questions you should ask.

  • How can I deal with debt from credit cards, medical bills, taxes, divorce or school loans while avoiding garnishment of wages?
  • Should I file for bankruptcy, or are there bankruptcy alternatives?
  • What is difference between Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13?
  • Can I keep my home and my car even in foreclosure?
  • What are unsecured assets?
  • What about tax debt? Can that be included and eliminated?
  • What happens after bankruptcy? Will I recover?
Bankruptcy Attorney - Free Consultation

A Fresh Start with Palmer and Associates PLLC Bankruptcy Law

Good people sometimes find themselves needing a fresh start, and over a thousand individuals have trusted bankruptcy attorney Steven Palmer and the team at Palmer and Associates, PLLC, to resolve their financial difficulties. Your financial future does not have to be derailed by unfortunate debt, home foreclosure, garnishment of wages or bankruptcy filing. Call for a free debt reduction or bankruptcy filing consultation and get the professional advice you need.

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