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Family Based Immigration

The immigration process is complex and can feel daunting especially when families are separated and missing their loved ones. We understand the challenges families face when they are apart and we take pride in helping them easily navigate the process of immigration. Family cohesiveness is important for individuals and the communities they live in which is why we receive great satisfaction in bringing families together so that both they and their communities can thrive.

Adjustment of Status

If you are already living in the US as a legal non immigrant and you hold a valid immigrant visa and would like to change your immigration status to permanent residence (green card holder), we can help you through what’s referred to as the Adjustment of Status process. You will be able to remain in the United States while your application is being processed even if your visa expires before you are approved.

N400 Naturalization

Green card holders who would like to apply for US citizenship must go through the Application for Naturalization process. If you’re a lawful US permanent resident and either have been married and living in the US more than three years or are unmarried and have been living in the US for a minimum of five years you may qualify for US citizenship. The benefits of acquiring citizenship include being able to vote and holding a US passport. As well, immigrants who have successfully become U.S. citizens are safe from the grounds of deportability.

Steve Palmer - Taxes & Bankruptcy - Lynnwood Lawyer

Why Steve?

Before practicing law in Lynnwood, WA, Steven had the opportunity to live and work abroad in other countries including Japan and Canada where he had to obtain working visas for himself. Steve met his Canadian wife while working in Japan and helped her obtain her own green card and eventually become a US Citizen.

Because of his time abroad, Steve understands and empathizes with the challenges that can arise when beginning any kind of immigration process. He finds fulfillment in helping his clients cut through the legal clutter so they can confidently enter the US and begin living and working here.

Historically, the United States has always been welcoming to others, which is one factor that contributes to making it one of the best countries to live and work in. Steve wants to help more people enjoy the many opportunities this nation has to offer.

Acquiring visas or immigrating to the United States is a complex legal process. If the correct procedure isn’t followed, applicants risk losing time, money, and could be penalized from future entry into the country. Steve is an experienced lawyer who will inform you of your best options, help you understand your rights and will guide you through potential obstacles and challenges of immigration.
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STEP 3. Review everything with attorney
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STEP 5. Biometrics
STEP 6. Immigration Interview
STEP 7. We attend the interview and help you prepare for it.
STEP 8. Consulate processing
STEP 9. If you don’t reside in the US, you will go to your Country’s to start the process. We’ll help you prepare.

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