How many times were you told when you were growing up that you should do what makes you happy? Dozens? Hundreds? I was told that over and over, and I struggled with it through university. After taking a 4 year break teaching English in Japan, I went to law school. I then graduated at a terrible time for attorneys. Large firms were not hiring, government was not hiring, so I put out nearly one hundred applications until I was picked up by a large consumer bankruptcy law firm in Ohio. I had no idea how I was going to like practicing bankruptcy law. None. About a year into it, I realized I really liked what I did. Now nearly 1500 cases in, I love it. I lucked into a career that I love.

As a bankruptcy attorney, I can help turn peoples lives around and give them the fresh start that is provided for in the law. I can stop foreclosures, wipe out second mortgages, save cars from being auctioned, stop garnishments, get people their driver’s licenses back, and generally give them a new lease on life. It is awesome.

Find something you love and stick with it. You are going to spend somewhere around 90,000 hours of your life doing it.

Best of Luck,

Steven Palmer

Bankruptcy, Immigration, Real Estate & Social Security Disability Attorney

Licensed in WA and OH